Department of Medical Surgical Nursing

Mate, Esther Muthoni Head of department

MEDICAL –SURGICAL department in School of Nursing envisions being an international role model of excellence in nursing education and training. It aims to produce world class nurse practitioners through teaching, research and innovative extension services for sustainable scientific and technological development. The department ensures that high standards are maintained during training and practice while observing professional ethics of conduct.

The medical-surgical department is the core department of school of nursing, which is hosting not only the basic nursing degree but also the postgraduate nursing programs.

Medical –surgical   nursing department offers Bachelor of Science in Nursing for direct entry students, part-time upgrading and distance learning. This department   also offers Master of Science in Medical- Surgical nursing

The department also offers Master of Science in Medical-Surgical Nursing programme   which is a specialized course that prepares nurses at consultancy level of their professional practice.  It focuses on production of competent academic staff and clinical nurse practitioners in general nursing practice.  Finally, the department is also offering PhD in Nursing