Our Mission, Vision and Philosophy

To be an international role model of excellence in nursing education and training.

To produce world class nurse practitioners through teaching, research and innovative extension services for sustainable scientific and technological development.

The school of nursing believes that the study of professional nursing should be based upon basic, behavioral, biomedical and clinical sciences, coupled with evidence based practice.
The school acknowledges the importance of continuing education both for the educator and the learner, and the importance of providing a conducive learning environment.
The school recognizes that an individual is a biological, psychosocial and spiritual human being who interacts with his/her environment in ways that may adversely affect health.
The school believes in the uniqueness and dignity of the individual as well as his/her ability to maintain a sense of hope in the face of illness however changing its focus may be.
The school also believes in respect for the right of individual to information, and freedom of choice to health care and that the nurse should help the individual to achieve homeostasis using scientific knowledge, skills of critical thinking problem solving approach and evidence based practice.