Benchmarking Visit to Johns Hopkins University, School of Nursing on State of the Art Nursing Skills Laboratory

From left: Prof. Patricia Davidson, Dean School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins University; Dr Jane Karonjo: Dean, School of Nursing MKU; Dr Connie Mureithi: Head School of NursingĀ MKUĀ  Rwanda

Nurses require knowledge, skills and competencies in order to provide quality care. Training institutions have the responsibility of ensuring that nursing students have the skills necessary to provide nursing services before serving patients in the hospital. Mount Kenya University, School of Nursing knows this and has conducted a benchmarking activity to ensure that our skills lab has the current manikins and models to necessitate up to date student learning.

Recently, Dr. Jane Karonjo, Dean School of Nursing visited John Hopkins University to achieve the following objectives.

  1. Learn from benchmarking the state of the art nursing skills laboratories
  2. Learn about the best practices in students acquisition of skills in giving optimal patient care
  3. Familiarize ourselves with the state of the art skills laboratory equipment and facilities